Open Source Software Adoption Process (OSSAP)

Open Source Software Adoption Process (OSSAP) consists of a number of best practices that enable organizations to leverage open source software in their projects effectively and ensures compliance with licenses and organizational policies.

The following eight-step blueprint is based on a survey of current practices and Protecode’s practical experience in the last four years. Part of this experience is gained by carrying out software IP audits for technology organizations on the verge of a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) or before product shipment into the market.Open Source Software Adoption Process

Eight Steps of OSSAP

1. Establishing a Software Licensing Policy
2. Software Package Pre-Approval
3. Existing Portfolio Assessment
4. Incoming 3rd-Party Software Assessment
5. Regular Software Assessment
6. Real-Time Library Check-in Assessment
7. Real-Time Automated Assessment
8. Pre-shipment Software Assessment

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