Protecode Enterprise™

Protecode Enterprise™ is a scalable solution consisting of a scanning engine and a number of applications that enable managed adoption of open source and third party software in any size organization.  The components of  Protecode Enterprise work together seamlessly as part of a comprehensive Open Source Software Adoption Process.


Protecode Enterprise consists of a highly scalable suite of open source software license management tools that allow organizations to manage:

  • Open source and third party code attributes, licenses and copyrights
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Export control
  • License obligations
  • Encryption content
  • License compatibility

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Enterprise Analyzer™ (EA)

Provides bulk scanning and license management of portfolios, creating Bill of Materials and a range of reports on licenses, copyrights, license obligations, license compatibilities, security vulnerabilities, encryption content and export control obligations, Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) documents and many more.

Code Administrator™ (CA)

Provides workflow solution to approve open source software packages before they are brought into the development environment.

Developer Assistant™ (DA)

Scans and identifies licensing and copyright information in real-time on the developer’s desktop.

Library Auditor™ (LA)

Analyzes any code that is committed the organization’s Source Control Management (SCM) system.

Build Analyzer™ (BA)

Analyzes only those files that are consumed during a build operation, including source files that are compiled into the final code, or object files that are linked by the core software application.

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