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What Is Protecode Developer Assistant

Protecode Developer Assistant™ (DA) is a real-time open source license management tool and a preventive component of a total software license management solution. It minimizes the volume of unacceptable third party code within a project, before the project is reviewed by the licensing team and released to the market.

Protecode DA helps your compliance team. In any organization, license compliance effort is proportional to the size of the project and the number of license infractions that reside in that project. Protecode DA facilitates discovery and management of code licenses at their earliest point of entry into a project: at developer’s workstation. It crowd-sources license compliance, by distributing the discovery process over many developers rather than a single licensing person.

Protecode DA is a desktop application that provides real-time alerts to developers when newly introduced software components violate the organization’s licensing policies. DA is the industry’s first solution for real-time management of open source licenses and an important part of the Open Source Software Adoption Process.

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How Developer Assistant Works:

Developer Assistant

  • DA runs in the background on a developer workstation. Both Windows and Linux platforms are supported. DA is IDE independent.
  • As soon as a new software file is detected in the defined workspace, DA identifies its licensing and copyright information. Both local scrubbing and code-signature similarities with the public-domain software are used for license and copyright detection. DA is secure- at no time your software leaves your organization.

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