Enterprise Analyzer™

What Is Enterprise Analyzer:

Enterprise Analyzer™ (EA) is a platform-independent application that analyzes and identifies all code in any directory to determine code ownership and ensure open source license compliance according to predetermined internal policies. Today’s software products contain code from various sources including legacy code, commercial code, contractor code, and open source packages. These different components have license obligations. EA identifies what code is in your directory and tells you how to comply with license obligations. Protecode EA is part of Protecode Enterprise and an integral part of the Open Source Software Adoption Process. View the features of Protecode Enterprise.

How Enterprise Analyzer Benefits Your Organization:

  • Reduces time to market by improving software quality throughout the software development lifecycle.
  • Reduces development costs by enabling companies to use more open source components through a controlled process.
  • Provide a rationalization for software components used in development and reduce costs for those not used.
  • Increase software security by identifying export control restrictions, encryption properties, and reported security vulnerabilities.
  • Reduces uncertainty and infringement risk around using open source and commercially licensed components.

How Enterprise Analyzer Works:

enterprise analyzer

  • An administrator can set up licensing policies which define parameters such as acceptable licenses or license terms, copyrights and code size.
  • Users then indicate what type of files or directories to scan or exclude from analysis, and what action to take if violations against established licensing policies are detected.
  • EA can then analyze a directory or a specific portion of a Source Control Management (code repository) library system.
  • Files are scanned for identifying information or signature similarity, in whole or in part, with millions of file signatures stored in Protecode Global IP Signatures (GIPS) database.
  • EA compares the identified licensing or ownership attributes against licensing policies of the organization.
  • A software bill of materials is produced that provides a list of open source projects, licenses and copyrights, and ownership information through an online, interactive report. Users can then make their own approvals and comments against identified open source packages.
  • Additional “action reports” can be generated which indicate license compliance actions, license incompatibilities, license obligations, export control restrictions, encryption properties, and known security vulnerabilities.

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