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Are you expecting an M&A? Are you on the verge of a technology investment? Maybe you are shipping a product or receiving code from your supplier? Software is everywhere and code pedigree matters. Let us help you with your due diligence process. With our software code audit services, we can identify open source and other third party components, highlight ownership and other attributes of your code, and deliver informative, easy to understand reports on the composition of your software.

Protecode Audit Service™ is a comprehensive software code audit service that is used by IP lawyers, investors, and technology executives worldwide. The audit is performed using Protecode automated code scanning solutions, and verified  by our software experts. Working with your team, we will analyze and deliver a report that provides a complete view of all third party content in a software portfolio. All open source and other third party software packages, their licensing or copyright obligations, security vulnerabilities or export control information will be highlighted.

Contact our audit experts to find out how we can give you the peace of mind before your next transaction.

Protecode Audit Service™ Benefits:
  • Quick and Efficient – Most audits can be completed within a week.
  • Accurate – Protecode’s automated analysis tools and extensive database of open source and commercial code signatures ensures accurate discovery of all third party code files and code snippets.
  • Comprehensive – Protecode Audit Service uncovers: open source packages, licenses and copyrights, security vulnerabilities, Export Control Classification Numbers and encryption packages.
  • Convenient – Audits can be carried out your office or at Protecode audit centers. Around the world.

More questions? Listen to our webinar where we outlined the best practices to use to streamline your next software audit. 

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