Protecode Certified™

What is Protecode Certified?

Protecode Certified™ is a professional software code auditing service performed by Protecode experts or Protecode audit partners. Working with the staff in your company, we will analyze and deliver a report that provides a complete view of all third party content in a software portfolio. All open source and other third party packages, and their licensing or copyright obligations will be highlighted. The service involves a comprehensive analysis of your software code library using Protecode automated solutions complemented by verification and summarization of the automated report by our software experts.

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Protecode Certified™ can also report similarities in order to highlight potential code contamination or code reuse between two separate software portfolios. Protecode Portfolio Comparison Service is fast and can be applied to large software projects.

How is it done?

A comprehensive analysis of your software code library is performed using Protecode’s automated solutions, complemented by verification and summarization of machine-generated reports by our software experts.

Where does the analysis take place?

Software code auditing can be carried out in your location, in a Protecode partner’s office, in Protecode offices, or in third party (such as an escrow or legal) venues.

When should you use Protecode Certified service?

If you’re planning a specific transaction involving software assets, whether it’s an M&A, equity investment, product introduction, demand for IP indemnity, commercialization of research or other event, take advantage of our expert Software Code Auditing or Portfolio Comparison services. Whether you are considering a one-time assessment, or planning multiple assessments throughout the year, contact us. We can provide additional information, and give you timeline and budgeting estimates

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