Protecode Enterprise™

Leverage Protecode Enterprise™ within development and testing processes or in the legal/FOSS compliance departments to manage risks arising from the use of third-party code, including open source, internally developed, outsourced, and commercial code.

Protecode Audit Service

A code audit is a systematic review of the IP owned, used, or acquired by a company. An IP audit of the software code portfolio in an organization identifies all the intellectual property and obligations associated with all code that an enterprise may have in their possession.

Code Administrator (CA)

Our Code Administrator is a work flow solution that ensures only pre-approved third party code is introduced into the codebase. Code administrators can investigate, analyze, and approve third party code before it is used in the development environment.

Developer Assistant (DA)

Developer Assistant (DA) is a component of Protecode Enterprise’s comprehensive Software Composition Analysis solution that detects all third-party source code directly on a developer’s workstation as the code is being developed.

Library Auditor (LA)

Protecode Library Auditor™ (LA) ensures all files committed to a repository are compliant with an organization’s open source licensing policy.

Build Analyzer (BA)

Build Analyzer (BA) analyzes only those files that are consumed during the build operation to ensure license compliance in the product before it is shipped.

Enterprise Analyzer (EA)

Enterprise Analyzer is a platform-independent application that analyzes and identifies all third-party source code in any directory to determine code ownership and ensure open source license compliance according to predetermined internal policies.o.

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