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Open Source Management
Best Practices for Simplifying Software Audits

Many companies are resorting to outside audit services in order to resolve uncertainties around Intellectual Property (IP) ownership, licensing compliance and vulnerabilities in their software portfolio. There are many steps that organizations can take in order to streamline the software audit process and reduce the time or effort required for this task.

Software Product Structures, Compliance and Vulnerabilities Webinar

Understanding a product’s code composition is essential in creating an accurate view of the software product structure. In this webinar, we provide an overview of software product structures and how they are used by technology, legal and security communities within a software organization.

Streamline Open Source Compliance with Package Pre-Approval

Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to improve their compliance processes. Setting up a process for approving open source code, before it even enters the development environment helps ensure compliance issues are kept to a minimum.

Managing Open Source Licenses In Small Technology Companies

Organizations are beginning to recognize the importance of managing the obligations, security and quality aspects of open source software in their portfolios.  More than ever, small technology companies need cost effective yet fully functional solutions to manage their code attributes.

Optimizing The Cost Of OSS Management

Organizations are increasingly turning to practices to manage licensing obligations, security vulnerabilities and encryption content associated with open source code. Join us as we share tips for streamlining the open source license management process and maximizing your return on investment.

 Licencing & Legal Compliance
Open Source Software: What Are Your Obligations?

Open source penetration in the enterprise is at an all-time high. Organisations of all sizes are leveraging open source to accelerate innovation and reduce development costs. While developers should be able to reap the benefits that open source has to offer, they need to be cognizant of associated licensing challenges.

Licensing in Composite Open Source Projects

Navigating licenses of composite open source software packages can be a difficult undertaking. Composite projects often contain more than one open source package and each project could have its own individual license, creating potential licensing dilemmas for those who wish to incorporate the code into their own project.

Managing Open Source Licensing In An Agile Environment

Both Agile and open source software can help accelerate development and reduce development costs, but it’s important to ensure that the agility of development is not compromised by the quality, security and licensing challenges of using open source software.

Where’s the license?

Some open source projects make it very simple to understand what license applies to the published works. Unfortunately, not all projects are created equal.

Reduce the Risk of Open Source Security Vulnerabilities

Despite recent reports of high profile software security vulnerabilities, many organizations still do not have a clear understanding of what open source and third party components are in their codebase, let alone the security vulnerabilities associated with them.

Anatomy of a Software Audit

A software code audit, which identifies all open source and other third party packages, and their licensing or copyright obligations, is an essential step before a product launch, M&A, tech transfer or other software transaction.   Learn the basics of software audits.

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