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Our white paper library is an excellent resource for those looking to develop their knowledge on open source management, legal and licensing concerns, security vulnerabilities and software code audits.

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Detecting Open Source Security Vulnerabilities with Managed Open Source Governance

High profile security vulnerabilities like Heartbleed should not scare organizations away from leveraging open source software in their products.

Security Vulnerabilities and Liabilities in Software

In discussions around grey areas relating to open source software, licensing concerns are usually the first item that comes up, but open source security vulnerabilities could be another cause for concern.

Software Security Starts With Knowing What Is In the Code

The ability to assess and verify secure operations, test for vulnerabilities, detect weaknesses and cover deficiencies relies on having a good understanding of the software involved in the secure systems.


Navigating License Compliance in Composite Open Source Projects

Composite open source projects often build on other open source projects with their own licensing characteristics, creating potential compliance challenges.

Where’s The License?

Some open source projects make it very simple to understand what license applies to the published works. Unfortunately, not all projects are created equal.

6 Most Often Used Open Source Licenses

Read about the six most common open source licenses and their obligations.

Open Source Code Attribution in a Remix World

A step-by-step look at creating and attribution document.

An Open Source World A Primer on Licenses, Obligations, and Your Company

Discover the the importance of taking inventory of what open source software is included in each product, what licensing obligations apply to each component, and compliance with these obligations.

Put A License On It

Public-domain code with no associated license information is a sign of trouble in any software portfolio. Under “assumed copyright” legislation, the author of the code technically owns the copyright. This whitepaper will discuss the pitfalls of public domain software without a license.

The Emerging Mixed-Source Software Environment and its Impact on Company Valuations

While open source is increasingly embedded into software, there is a lack of understanding of the implications of open source on asset value.

Legal Implications of Open Source Software in Cloud Computing

Use of open source software in a cloud application is governed by certain obligations, usually contained in the associated open source license. Find out what obligations are associated with using open source code in cloud applications.


What’s in your code? How to Conduct a Software Code Audit

A software code audit can determine what open source and third party software exists in a code base before a major transaction such as a product launch, and M&A or technology transfer.

Ensuring Responsible Open Source Use with Software Audits

This paper explains how organizations can responsibly adopt and manage open source software in order to remain innovative and competitive in today’s technology market.

Software Code Audits in Small Companies

This paper discusses the benefits small and medium sized companies can derive from using open source software, the challenges associated with unknown licensing obligations associated with third party and open source code and how these challenges can be overcome using a software code audit.

Open Source Management

Reducing Risks in VC Investments

The rapid pace of innovation in the technology sector attracts both venture capital (VC) and private equity investment into companies. See how open source is impacting this risk.

Healthcare Driven by Open Source Software

Historically, healthcare organisations have created platforms to manage these solutions fairly autonomously, both within individual organisations and industry wide. These systems are often procured at significant expense from software vendors who lock in solutions that restrict innovation, stifle diversity and have little ability to be re-used.

Open Source Software Adoption Process

Increasingly, organizations are viewing open source and 3rd–party software license management as part of their software quality development process, and are evolving their existing quality checklists to include all or part of the following blueprint.

True Cost of Open Source Management: Measuring ROI

A comparison of the time and costs involved with managing open source and third party software manually vs. automatically.

3 Things Developers Need to Know About Open Source Vulnerability Management

By taking a proactive approach and getting involved in open source vulnerability management, developers can prevent OSS vulnerability roadblocks that stall the development process.

Maximizing Open Source Compliance with Package Pre-Approval

What is the most cost effective way of managing open source compliance? By setting up an open source package pre-approval process you can manage open source compliance before code ever enters your code base.

Why Invest in Automated Open Source License Management

Explore the advantages of an automated open source license management process.

The Science and the Art of Open Source Software License Management

The complexity that OSS licenses present makes it almost impossible to manage obligations manually. This is where automated solutions come in.This paper will detail the best practices in automated OSS management to protect your organization from risk while ensuring continuous innovation.

Automated Open Source Management Requires Intelligence

Find out how do automated license management tools work to uncover open source and third party content in a code base. And how to apply intelligence to maximize the usefulness of your findings.


Compliance and Security Vulnerabilities Tools in Agile Methodologies

More and more, software development shops are turning to Agile methodologies for software development, in order to reduce the time-to-market of their products.

Integrating Open Source Code Management Tools in the Software Development Cycle

Integrating open source license management tools in a Software Development Life Cycle is a simple yet powerful way of streamlining the compliance process.

SPDX Support in Protecode Enterprise™

Find out what SPDX is, how it aids in open source license management and how Protecode products support the new standard.

Avoiding Enemies and Making Friends Using Embedded Open Source Software

Open source software has become an entrenched component of embedded systems within the last decade. Find out how to properly manage the use of open source in embedded software development.

Telecommunications Transformation & Open Source Software

This article provides perspectives on major trends that are driving the transformation of the Telecommunications industry, implications of these changes in software development practices for communications service providers, the roles of open source software in this transformation and management of open source software.

What Android Developers Need to Know

Android is having a significant impact on the mobile industry and with it comes licensing obligations that developers need to be aware of. In the whitepaper you will get a breakdown of licensing implications faced by Android developers and how developers and organizations can avoid license violations.

What you Should Know if you are Deploying Open Source in the Cloud

Learn what licensing restrictions apply when deploying software that contains open source in the cloud.

Software Development in the Cloud

This article provides an overview of the benefits of developing software in the cloud, as well as tools available for accelerating development in the cloud.

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